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F-One Swing



F-One Swing is een wing met een doordacht design. Licht, compact, stabiel en veilig!

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F-One Swing is een wing met een doordacht design; Licht, compact, stabiel en veilig!

Levering inclusief leash.


If the beach is busy or has been banned kiteboarding, then you will have no problems using the F-one Swing, there are no lines to lay out, meaning you can launch from tiny beaches and even boats with ease. All you need is a little power in the Swing and a few pumps, and you’ll be up and flying on the foil, experiencing a totally new feeling that is hard to beat. Everyone who tries it gets hooked, and it is easy to learn if you have a foil experience already.

There are four handles on the SWING to make hand placement simple, we spent time perfecting the positions in order to avoid imbalances. In addition, there are harness loop attachments points. When you improve, you can use a harness to help take power from the arms when you go upwind. Finally, there is a wrist leash attached to the front of the SWING for safety, this ensures you will always remain connected.

The wind range on each size has been carefully thought out to ensure you get the most time on the water. We have designed different sizes in our range as not every rider weights the same, and some spots have more wind than others. F-One team has been out riding from 15 to over 40 knots with total control at all times. The low end is impressive, but the high end and the control of the F-One Swing is incredible too.

See windrange table for selection of size.



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2.8, 3.5, 4.2, 5.0, 6.0