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F-One Strike



F-One Strike is een wing met een doordacht design. Licht, compact, stabiel en snel!

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F-One Strike is een wing met een doordacht design; Licht, compact, stabiel en snel!

This is all our goals and «to-do list» for our new wing model and we are proud to present our new STRIKE with its own new philosophy:
– High performances.
– In total comfort and stability to save your efforts at maximum.
– Traction balance on your two arms.
– Impressive wind range.
– Early planning and performances in light wind.
– Light and fun to handle for perfect free fly and transitions.
– Incredible control of the deformations.
– Its control, stability and performances in high wing range offer high jump potential with great hang time.
– Its stability and performances allow you to get some speed if you like it.
– New wide two handle to offer the best hands placement.




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